Bauer Vapor 1X LE 2015 Sr. Ice Hockey Skate


The Bauer Vapor series provides skaters with top-end agility, a balanced attack and the ability to blow by defenders with a single stride. The Vapor 1X LE Skates, featuring a blacked-out boot with red accents and red laces, will be your guide in the journey from the jump at your red goal line to celebrating behind the other team's net.

The 1X provides you with a lightweight boot that allows you to contain a preferable body temperature. The Form Fit Felt Tongue with CURV Insert combines the structure of a sturdy construction with a light tongue that focused on keeping the weight down. You'll feel a push to extremes as the CURV composite insert gives you a higher level of protection and keeps your foot well supported. The limited-edition red 37.5 Liner regulates your body temperature, keeping your foot dry and locked in place. The fabrics instilled in the 37.5 technology dry up to five times faster than similar fabrics used in skates.

The new boot construction is the vessel for your journey. It allows for out-of-the-box construction that combines the lighter weight CURV composite with updated X-Rib Patterns, improving your heel and ankle lock. This allows for unmatched cross-over abilities and turns that feel quicker and lighter.

The Speed Plate outsole makes your foot feel like you're traveling in familiar places. It features a recovery alloy that provides you with customized fit characteristics, allowing the skate to feel like it has been fused with your foot. Optimized balance and stability are just a step away.

The Lightspeed Edge holder and Tuuk LS4 runner make great companions for a greater angle of attack and a 3 millimeter increase in attack. Energy transfer and sharpening edges send you to that loose puck quicker than before. The trigger system allows you to change your runner between shifts so that you can keep going at the same lightning-quick pace.

There's no need for sherpas to reach the top of the hockey mountain. The 1X LE will change the way you navigate on the ice.

Bauer Vapor 1X LE 2015 Sr. Ice Hockey Skate

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