CCM RIBCOR 44K Pump Sr. Ice Hockey Skate


Pump it to the limit with the RIBCOR 44K Ice Skates. These skates could be the difference between winning that 50/50 battle, stopping-on-a-dime, or breaking past the defensemen for a breakaway. With increased in technology from the 42K’s, the 44K’s are ready to put in the time to help win a championship; are you?

The 44K’s use Advanced Pump technology. This Advanced Pump is the most efficient Pump to date for personalized fit with added comfort. A RIBCOR FLEX quarter is a light weight structure for enhanced forward flexion and durability. Lighweight elite synthetic core and a dual-zoned lightweight tricot increases support, durability, and comfort. Improving these factors make the 44K’s a powerful skate for intermediate players.

A vented low-profile injected outsole maximizes energy transfer with moisture management. The moisture management system helps keep your foot cool and comfortable.

To provide excellent fit and comfort, CCM installed a 2-piece high density felt tongue. The SpeedBlade 4.0 holder increases attack angles by providing greater strides and cornering while the SpeedBlade Stainless steel runner offers a long lasting edge for a long-term performance.

The 44K’s can pump you to the next level.


CCM RIBCOR 44K Pump Sr. Ice Hockey Skate

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